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Cosmic Heart Conversations Episode 3: Courtney Webb – Humanus Mystery School – Breath Illumination

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Courtney Webb, somatic sensei, developed a magical breathwork called Breath Illumination that she teaches in her Online Mystery School – see the video!

I loved talking to Courtney, we immediately connected and I am more than happy to be able to share with you a little bit of her work – which I consider very important for embodiment, for getting those techniques that help us connect with our body, techniques that are always available for us.

This is Episode 3 of “Cosmic Heart Conversations” Podcast and the first one available as a video too. Courtney showed me her “Breath Illumination” technique and video was required for that.

Find more about Courtney here:

Also Mentioned in this podcast

Judith Johnson (Los Angeles) – will come to Romania in April 2019 with a world premiere workshop in collaboration with Thor Philipsen, close student of Stanely Rosenberg, one of the world’s best cranio-sacral therapy that has had some amazing developments in working with the vagus nerve, the most important nerve in the nervous system, connecting our head brain with our heart brand and gut brain. Judith’s work is groundbreaking, offering us a unique chance to work on the physical body of our soul – the nervous system.

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