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Cosmic Heart Conversations Episode 2: Weekly updates and intentions for Romania Healing

by Nov 27, 2018About Romania Healing, Podcast0 comments

Expressing my appreciation for the heartwarming reactions I received from you about this podcast and the latest episode with Richard Grossman as a guest. Intentions for and announcing our main events and retreats for 2019, the massive work that goes behind that and how you can support it, our openness to collaborate and co-create magical projects with you.

An invitation to join “From Separation to Unity” on December 1st, in Brașov, Romania. The workshop is facilitated by Kaifi Iraklis (, it’s creator and offers amazingly simple tools but powerful tools to connect with your heart wisdom. Brașov event page.

People mentioned in this update:

Judith Johnson (Los Angeles) – will come to Romania in April 2019 with a world premiere workshop in collaboration with Thor Philipsen, close student of Stanely Rosenberg, one of the world’s best cranio-sacral therapy that has had some amazing developments in working with the vagus nerve, the most important nerve in the nervous system, connecting our head brain with our heart brand and gut brain. Judith’s work is groundbreaking, offering us a unique chance to work on the physical body of our soul – the nervous system.

Jon DeRosa (Los Angeles)- and HanaqPacha LA – amazing musician, shamanic practitioner, and friend of the rappe medicine – Jon will be assisting Judith and Thor and will be hosting a workshop on the benefits rappe can bring in your life, workshop that includes also a rappe ceremony.

Eric Lopez (Miami) – Born in Peru and Clairvoyant from early childhood Eric was trained by Shamans and other teachers of sacred traditions. In later years he was also privileged to study with outstanding minds like Dr Patrick Veret, Bert Hellinger, Alejandro Jodorowski to name a few. Their teachings allowed Eric Lopez to develop his signature brand of Shamanic Healing Techniques. Eric resides in Miami but he travels worldwide for his workshops and one on one sessions.

Laura Maria Yara (Brazil) – Romanian national highly in tune with her higher self, bringing many gifts including life path opening aura reading sessions, work with the inner child, womb wisdom and shamanism.

Dana Dragomirescu (Romania) – Espere Relationship Communication coach – helping you heall al types of relationships – with your partner, with your little humans, with colleagues and collaborators at work.

Mahara McKay (New Zeeland) – part maori, with 9 years experience as an international DJ, Mahara is sharing the teachings of Tantra Philosophy, Body Work, Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. Mahara will spend one month in Romania offering workshops for women, ecstatic dance and facilitating the first edition of My Sacred Partner retreat, a concept – basically an out of this world tantra retreat for couples.

Michael Holt (Venice Beach, CA) – – Michael has been doing amazing work with groups of men, working on topics la discipline, nutrition, bodywork, consciousness. Cultivating Great Warrior Spirit through the conscious exploration of the paradoxical nature of Savagery, Saintliness, movement, and stillness. Michael will host workshops for men in Romania in Autumn 2019

Alexandra Roxo (NYC & LA) – – Stay to get in touch with the Divine Feminine within.”-@nytimes. Alexandra will be facilitating a special edition of Moon Club for women and together with Michael be the main facilitators of another transformative retreat.

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